Stop motion animation videos
May 14, 2012, 2:44 pm
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Bathtub IV http://bit.ly/atZW2e

Another stop action piece that utilized miniatures to depict a coastal rejoin, a fisherman, and a helicopter rescue. The amount of detail in this production was astounding. It shows a major amount of people (miniatures) along a coastal region (Italy perhaps) in what appears to be a daily routine. One scene includes a fisherman, fishing too close to the waters edge. He gets swept into the ocean. Then a rescue helicopter leaving it’s hanger bay and flying over the water to where the fisherman awaits his rescue. He does get rescued and the helicopter returns to the hanger it originated from. This production was amazing to me in the amount of detail, combining film footage, time lapsed photography and stop action animation in the miniatures.

I Met the Walrus http://bit.ly/aACFea

This is a very cutting edge animated film. It incorporates an interview with John Lennon, illustrations, and animation. The story this film tells is from Johns heart and how he feels about love, peace, and humanity. The use of illustrations and animation to tell a story are provocative. It really makes on think on a whole new level by the presentation of Johns words in a film.

Bonus: SICCKK! Human skateboard



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