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May 14, 2012, 2:40 pm
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Birdy Nam Nam – The Parachute Endings http://bit.ly/c2o8ZY

This style of animation is very entertaining for me. It’s rendered in a cell, more realistic fashion, which is a genre of animation that I admire. In the past, I have watched full feature length animated films that where created using this style of animation. Two sources that I have followed in the past are Ralph Bakshi, who incorporated rotoscoping and realism, and the team that put together “Heavy Metal” the movie. Birdy Nam Nam depicts a surreal, and sometimes hallucenagenic quality in how the story unfolds in the depiction.
It stands out as “new” and “cutting edge” by the technique in which it’s animated. It has all the qualities of cell animation, yet it’s in digital format. It has a retro SciFi feel to it, reminiscent of the aforementioned animation(s) with a typical “good vs. evil” scenario.

Duece http://bit.ly/ahdnys

This piece was stop action clay animation. The film opens with the depicted of a man and a woman getting cleaned up and ready to go out. The scene changes to the woman sitting at the bar. The man shows up in the scene in what appears to be a chance meeting. It reminded me of a bad dream in that the characters where fake, plastic looking, and very surreal. From the bar scene the story transitions to a birthing scene that incorporates a myriad of cinematography techniques and goes way beyond surreal. The transitions in movement, transparency, colors, and sound used in the production where handled very well and again had a very surreal-like quality. This was hands down one of the strangest productions I have ever experienced.

The part makes them stand out as “new” and “cutting edge” is the surreal quality of the production. This is achieved through the set design, lighting, stop action animation, and plot development. I have experienced a lot of “strange” art, but this is hands down, one of the strangest.


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