Serial Postage Stamp Design
March 1, 2012, 12:07 am
Filed under: Class Assignment

This post represents the beginning of the design process for the Postage Stamp commission. I have created thumbnail sketches for 6 different directions. The subject matter is “Legends of Music”. All the illustrations will be created in a pop-art style. Here is a short brief on each direction and what it represents:

1. Janis Joplin: Element of Design; VARIETY. Janis has really wild hair with feathers and materials woven into it. I will have different colors accenting the feathers and materials and creating a sense of VARIETY.

2. Bob Marley: Element of Design; RHYTHM. Bob’s hair is predominantly dread locks. The length and volume of dreads creates RHYTHM.

3. Jimi Hendrix: Element of Design; SCALE AND PROPORTION. Jimi is in the forefront of the picture plane, and his shadow is on a wall in the background, which sets up a feeling of SCALE AND PROPORTION.

4. Elvis Presley: Element of Design; BALANCE. Elvis is in the center of the picture plane. The background is a burst behind him that makes him look dead center, creating BALANCE.

5. Jim Morrison: Element of Design; UNITY. Jim is in the forefront with offset rows of circles behind him. The arrangement sets up a degree of agreement between the elements which establishes UNITY.

6. John Lennon: Element of Design; EMPHASIS/FOCAL POINT. John is wearing sunglasses. I will be using a very warm color in the glasses. This will establish a very strong EMPHASIS/FOCAL POINT.


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Nice idea. Drawings are really cool.

Comment by lambo5691

I find your connections between music and visual art to be fascinating! (concept) I’m anticipating that you will have a fascinating palette for the final presentation!

Comment by dareynoso

Very good sketches. And I like your theme of dead rock stars.

Comment by cosmosworld2

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