Point & Line: Physical & Digital
February 22, 2012, 1:40 am
Filed under: Class Assignment

A. Create a list of words that have no obvious visual reference: ANGUISH, TERROR, DREAD, FRIGHT, ABHORRENCE.

B. I chose the word FRIGHT, as seen below. Using points and lines to construct the word in an emphatic, expressive way.

Documenation: I chose the dripping bloody background to field the word “FRIGHT” and layered multiple “666” on top of that to create a textured feel, like ants crawling. The thorns in the font represent the lines and the individual letters represent the points.


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Looks Great!

Comment by elicet

Thanks Claudia, I love designing in Photoshop!

Comment by danchittum

I am having a horrible time. I don’t even know how to start. 😦 But I want learn 🙂

Comment by elicet

Just stick with it, keep an open mind, push yourself to learn, and most of all, have fun! Eventually, it will sink in.

Comment by danchittum

The use of the 6’s is frightening.

Comment by alecmaslowsky

Good job. It was the first project that caught my attention because it startled my eyes with its contrast.

Comment by lambo5691

This truly made my skin crawl! I hate needles so the points on the text was enough to creep me out. The numbers in the back added to the effect. Nice work.

Comment by chrystalljohnson

I like your work you got the fright POINT across. But with your knowledge I think you could of easily created the points on this design.

Comment by elicet

This is very scary; image word works for me.

Comment by Deborah

I thought your design was very interesting especially the 666’s in the blood.

Comment by deathcrows0z

I like your concept of fright with the spikes. It makes it look scary. You may have considered the drippings to be the color red instead of black, to make it look like blood, possibly making it more scary.


Comment by cosmosworld2

Good use of color and the concept is nice.. it most definitely reflects a feeling of frightfulness.

Comment by tamikalashawn

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